How To Treat Kidney Pain Naturally -

How To Treat Kidney Pain Naturally -

If you already feel any symptoms of kidney pain, that's a sign you should immediately get help so that your kidneys can function again properly. Things need to be done by you is by way of finding out about how handling sick kidney. On every handling on kidney pain, surely there will be a different process. Basically help of related kidney pain Doctors would be very helpful at all, but there should be sacrificed (money) to be able to get any of the facilities of the hospital. You can consult any complaint that you feel. There needs to be an approach specifically and a peace of mind on your self.

How To Treat Kidney Pain Naturally -
Kidney Pain Symptoms

Ruang Medis will provide reviews about  "How to Treat Pain In Kidney Herbs". Before you go to the doctor, Admin only suggest to You better more worthwhile to try how to treat kidney pain based on reviews here. But if you're already sure to go to the doctor, then immediately to seek medical assistance for further handling.

The Characteristics of Kidney Disease ;

The kidney is one of the organs of the body that is shaped like two pea seeds that face each other. The kidneys are located right at the bottom of the rib cage, one part again on each side of the spine in human organs. In its activities, the kidneys act as filters the blood flowing in the body is composed of 120 to 150 liters of blood to then be made 1 to 2 liters of urine from the results of the screening process the extra fluid and waste flows in the body. Urine can flow from the kidneys to the bladder through the ureters or the shape of two thin muscle tube, and another one at each side of the bladder. As its function, the bladder can store enough urine on the free space available.

Good is the bladder this condition will remain relaxed despite the bladder was filled quite a lot by the urine. When the bladder is full on the condition once, then automatically will be no signals or the giver of code into the head (brain) to immediately find the toilet (urinating). When the bladder is emptied, starting fluid (urine) will begin to flow from the bottom of the bladder is called the urethra. Physically, the urethra in men shaped long and short shaped urethra in women.

When Your kidneys fail on, this can be caused because of the extra fluid buildup and hazardous waste in your body.

Troubled Kidney Symptoms

  • Dark Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Edema-swelling, usually in the legs, feet or ankles and rare in the hands or face
  • Itching
  • Headache
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Waste water tend to be a little bit don't even waste water
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Troubled sleep
  • Sleepy
  • Fatigue or feeling tired
  • Decrease weight
  • Vomiting
If you experience symptoms such as those listed above, then it should immediately perform a treatment, if not as soon as possible undertake treatment eating that occurs can be life threatening you, seizures, coma and death it will happen.

Handling For Kidney Sufferers

You have four treatment options that can be selected to filter your blood. The fourth option offers treatments without replacing the work of kidneys. None of these treatments helps the kidneys get better. However, they all can help you feel better.

1. Hemodialis

Use of the machine for moving your blood through a sieve on the outside of your body, get rid of waste.

Peritoneal dialysis uses the lining of Your abdomen to filter your blood in your body, get rid of waste. 

2. Kidney Transplatasi

Is surgery to place a healthy kidney from a person who has just died or alive, usually family members, to your body to take over the job of filtering your blood.

3. Conservative Management

Is the choice not to treat kidney failure with dialysis or a transplant. Instead, the focus is the use of drugs in order to make your stay comfortable, preserving kidney function through diet, and address the problem of kidney failure, such as anemia — a shortage of red blood cells which can make you tired — and its bones are weak.

4. Herbal Treatment For Kidneys

There are some plants and herbs as medicine for kidney natural and naturally without any side effects and without drug dependence here we tenaman that some berhasiat auto summary to nourish your kidneys
  • Leaf Scoops
The leaves are spoon also helps to overcome the kidney failure. This is because these Terpenoids compounds in the leaf Bowl useful to inhibit the formation and affect the size of the crystals of calcium oxalate. These crystals are usually found as the basic ingredients of kidney stones.

These Terpenoids compounds helps to inhibit the pembentuan crystals in the kidneys so that mass dai Kidney stone it could grow. The compound can also be used to decrease the size of a kidney stone that is in the human kidney. Here's a guide to make it:

First please take about 7 pieces of leaf spoon, then clean up.

After the net, the blender or the mashed leaves the spoon.

Once smooth, squeeze and strain the result of collisions or a blenderan leaf joints.

After that, you can add as much honey-1 tbsp.

Drinking juice leaf spoon it regularly three times a day so that the masses of kidney stones soon shrink.
  • Olive Oil
Olive oil has many great benefits, one of the benefits of olive oil that cannot be ignored is to overcome kidney failure. The content of antioxidants in olive oil is extremely beneficial for immune boosting as well as addressing a wide range of diseases.

Roughly how olive oil work to assist in the treatment of kidney disease. 1 tablespoon olive oil is expedient measure with the measure where, you will get the best content to various bodies, such as monounsaturated fat, anti-inflammatory fatty acids and oleic acid which will provide protection the body from oxidation. Inflammation and everything that makes your kidneys healthy not be prevented by either by the content of polyphenols in oil. In addition to fixing the kidneys, the risk of heart disease and cancer can also be reduced.
  • Meniran Green
Water meniran plant extracts useful green crystals dissolve kidney stones up to 56.8%(in tube (in vitro) studies). Water extract is also capable of inhibiting the aggregation of calcium oxalate crystal formation or kidney of 53.09%.


30 Gr. fresh Meniran (leaf, stem, and roots)

60 Gr. fresh reeds roots

30 Gr. fresh Pegagan

800 cc of water

How to make it IE, first please wash clean such materials, then boil until remaining water 450 cc. Strain and drink 3 times a day, each of the 150 cc.
  • The Crown Of The Gods
Plants and herbs to treat kidney pains next is the plant's Crown. Usually the plant is always there in the Toga ibuibu made by the PKK. Because indeed, the plant Crown God has many wonderful benefits.

There are many diseases that can be treated with concocted this one plant. Not just for health but also for various purposes for beauty. This is dikaarenakan the content of the Crown of the God in the form of saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and polyphenols, as well as others.

The fourth of these compounds in particular are extremely beneficial for treating kidney disease that we experience. To compound alkaloid himself acted to help the detoxification process where toxins would terminimalisir. Polyphenol substances serve as anti allergy and flavonoids have a role as an antioxidant. While the siponin themselves are useful anti-bacteria boost the immune system.

Here's how to prepare the plant Crown God to serve as the herbal remedies of kidney:

First to provide 2 to 3 ripe fruit of the gods Crown

Then sliced thin, take part of the flesh alone.

Boil water as much as 3 cups in the Pan then stir in sliced fruit Crown God into the stew.

Boil the water to a boil so that the remaining 2 cups of remaining or better 1 glass

After the completion of water decoction of the fruit Crown God enter into the glass wait until being cold.

Then drink 2 x a day, one time drinking 1 cup boiled water the Crown of deity.

By taking the Crown of God, kidney failure can be prevented and the conditions will be created to improve. When kidney failure accompanied by hepatitis B disease and there is also a complication of liver disease or liver, the Crown of the gods could be the solution. Consuming honey Crown gods, the gods Crown tea racik, which is also balanced by tea tea temulawak racik racik root reeds.
  • Leaf Binahong
In addition to the two plants above, you can also use the binahong plants to treat kidney pain naturally. Leaves binahong to meluruhkan and proven as a remedy kidney stones within relatively quickly. Growing plants propagate this part leaves to serve as a herbal medicine for meluruhkan kidney stones.

Roughly how? The following guide:

First, take about 10 to 15 grams of fresh binahong leaves with 1 cup of water only.

Boil until boiling, after boiling let cool slightly in the past, it could take 2 or 3 times in a day.

In addition to the above, you can also make the herb leaves binahong more, follow step-stepnya beirkut this:

Seduhlah 1.5 grams of dried binahong leaves by using 1 cup boiling water.

For the process of drying the leaves themselves, You can use the oven temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit and let the remaining water to 10 percent.

Consuming water decoction or infusion three times a day binahong leaves before eating will bring positive impact.

Roughly how to where you'd like to do? Teserah on you only. Roughly how to where you think is easy.
  • Seed Leaves Beling
Vile beling leaves may still sound foreign to our ears. When one plant is very nutritious for meluruhkan kidney stones that we experience. Vile beling alone leaves contain vitamins B1, B2 and vitamin C; do not forget also the presence of acids of phosphorus, silat, ferum, sodium, and calcium substance.

Wah very much once content leaves vile beling instead? Roughly how to make herbal potion of leaves vile beling in? The way is:

Provide 5 leaves vile beling, wash clean

Boil 4 cups of water

Let the water reduced to left about 2 glasses only.

Allow a few moments, until warm.

Drink this concoction of morning and afternoon as much as 1 Cup.

By consuming herbal herb plants, then the blood volume in the kidneys will be enhanced by the contents of natriumnya, whereas silatnya acid is able to bind water in the kidneys.
  • Lime and Onions
You can also combine the 3 natural materials in the form of garlic, lemon and onion to treat kidney failure until it is finished. KIR-guess how to do? Please follow the step by stepnya:

First please provide 3 pieces of lemon, onions 2 cloves garlic only, then single 11 cloves.

Clean, wash and then blenderlah all the ingredients so one

Later, konsumsilah this herb before eating 3 × 1 tablespoon each day will give you the best results for your kidneys.

Such reviews related  "how to treat Pain In Kidney Herbs ". Hopefully this article can be of benefit to you.

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